We do


We understand that the consulting relationship means building and finding solutions together with our clients.

We plan the most suitable intervention and the way to implement it together.

What we do

  • Develop and implement strategies.
  • Change culture in organizations.
  • Facilitate and create key processes for organizations.
  • Develop highly efficient executives and teams.
  • Assessments and management audits.
  • Implement management systems.

Learning and developing

To learn is to change. Learning connects one’s experience, mental modes, emotions, and behaviours together. And above everything, learning mustn’t be boring. We all enjoy having fun.

What we do

  • Support changes and transitions .
  • Model leadership styles .
  • Develop management abilites.
  • Improve team work.
  • Develop coaching abilities in managers.
  • Personal and team development workshops .


We focus on the relationship that our clients establish with their role (commitment, potentialities and difficulties) in order to adapt it to our clients’ personal and professional characteristics (life scripts, experiences and capacities).

The purpose is to handle the “creative tension” between one’s personal vision and reality.

What we do

  • Support acquisiton of role identity
  • Help our clients manage stressful situations
  • Develop management qualities
  • Support desired changes and transitions
  • Manage culture and values
  • Help harmonize professional and personal lives.

Public instituions and towns

Public institutions and towns seek to meet challenges and improve the quality of public sector service delivery. We contribute our experience as public managers integrated with up-to-date participatory planning models.

What we do

  • Strategic plans and designs of towns and regions
  • Professional and organizational development
  • Service catalogues
  • Statements of Quality Commitment
  • Indicator-based information systems
  • Equipment plans Citizen participation plans.